In order to strengthen and improve its corporate control and governance system, Garofalo Health Care S.p.A. adopted a Group Code of Ethics and its own organization and management model in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001 ("Model 231") and an Anti-Corruption Policy approved by the BoD on 26 January 2023.



The Code of Ethics of the Garofalo Health Care Group was approved by resolution by the Board of Directors on 8 August 2018 and updated on 26 September 2018. It was drawn up to clearly define the ethical values that form the basis of the Group’s corporate culture, as well as to define the rules of conduct by which staff carry out their professional duties, and the rules of conduct for dealing with shareholders, customers, suppliers, colleagues, public administration officials, and with all the other GHC stakeholders.

The Group's Mission was taken into account when drawing up the Code of Ethics. GHC’s Mission aims at developing the Group’s capacity to bring together health facilities of excellence, thereby strengthening GHC’s potential and leveraging its resources to enable it to become the first healthcare group of reference at national level. GHC’s mission also aims at creating a high-quality model through its "patient-centered" approach, which takes into account the preferences, needs and values of individual patients when making clinical decisions. In this way, the patient is firmly placed at the centre of the system.

The Group’s guiding principle: "Health is a person’s most valuable asset", was inspired by Prof. Raffaele Garofalo. All of the Group’s stakeholders abide by this principle and affirm the importance of health as a primary asset, as no human being can do without it, and as such, it must be safeguarded by guaranteeing professionalism and excellence.

Garofalo Health Care S.p.A., in the course of its management and coordination activities, undertakes to distribute the Code of Ethics to all of its member companies, in order to ensure that they formally adopt it as a management tool and as an essential element for the Group’s strategy and company organization.

Administrators, Statutory Auditors, Managers, Employees, and all healthcare, technical, nursing and auxiliary staff, as well as auditors, consultants and main suppliers, are required to take note of the Code and to adhere to the rules and provisions contained therein.

Garofalo Health Care Code of Ethics is available here.