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Hospice S. Antonio da Padova is a facility that provides palliative care services both as a hospice (25 beds) and at home (100 beds).

Our headquarter Via Mecenate, 14, 00184 Roma

Phone +39 06 4872413



The services are aimed at individuals with an advanced state of the disease with the aim of guaranteeing patients and their families constant support.

The needs of patients and their families are met with multidisciplinary assistance which involves the intervention of different professional figures such as: doctor, nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker, spiritual assistant and with the contribution of volunteers. Only in this way is it possible to offer a global response to patients' needs in the wake of that holistic approach, the ethical and practical cornerstone of palliative medicine.

The effective union of different professionals, structured on horizontal hierarchical lines, envelops and involves the patient-family together: a solid and correct interdisciplinary relationship is the basis of the effectiveness of assistance.

The choice of the method of providing the service, between residential and home-based, is the result of a careful evaluation of the clinical, social, cultural and environmental conditions of the patient, as well as the preferences expressed by the patient on the "place of treatment."

The structure divided into four floors offers all patients the possibility of staying in a single room, equipped with a bed for the patient, plus an additional bed or sofa bed available to family members so as to allow the overnight stay of a companion, toilets , TV, oxygen supply and suction systems. Each patient is then given the opportunity to further furnish the room with personal objects.

There are also two kitchens/herbal tea rooms to which family members and guests have free access. On the ground floor there is a common room for family members and patients.