The GHC Group has created a Governance system dedicated to the supervision and management of sustainability issues at Group level, in order to continue to operate responsibly and to increasingly integrate sustainability into its strategic actions.

In particular, in accordance with Borsa Italiana’s Self-Governance Code, the Group set up within the Board of Directors the Control, Risks and Sustainability Committee (“CRSC”), comprising three Independent Directors and with additional specific proposal and advisory expertise on sustainability and ESG topics.   

For the integrated management of sustainability topics, the CRSC is in addition requested to support, with appropriate preliminary and proposal activities, the assessment and decisions of the Board of Directors concerning the risks management system, in addition to overseeing the correct and effective application of the Group’s Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") method. Finally, the CRSC reviews and assesses the draft Non-Financial Statement, a document then submitted annually to the Board of Directors for approval.

From May 2021, the Group provided for the establishment of the Chief Sustainability Officer, who directly reports to the Chief Executive Officer.