The Group


GHC - Garofalo Health Care S.p.A. is a leading group, in the field of private accredited healthcare, listed on the Euronext STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and based in Rome, Italy. The qualities and strengths that make the Group unique are diverse and can be distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Territorial diversification
    GHC represents 37 centres of excellence located in some of the most prosperous regions of Northern and Central Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio. The professionals and medical teams of each centre constantly and consistently collaborate with each other in terms of research activities and direct operating methods, with the aim of better protecting the patient’s health.
  • Sector diversification
    GHC offers a wide range of services and specializations, upholding high quality standards, and covering all sectors of the health and social care sector. From high-complexity surgery to medium- and low-complexity surgery, to emergency surgery and medicine, to clinical and interventional cardiology, to motor, neurological, cardiac and nutritional rehabilitation, to extended and intensive care units (RSA), to centres for patients in coma and persistent vegetative states, and to psychiatric and diagnostic centres.
  • Innovation and professionalism
    GHC is characterized by the use of cutting-edge technologies, both for medical diagnostics with state-of-art machinery, and for medical equipment, including robotic-assisted surgery. Moreover, the presence of highly qualified staff and internationally renowned professionals, guarantee the highest quality of services and places the Group’s structures in a leading position for the entire scientific community.
  • Humanization of care
    GHC places the patient at the centre of the healthcare system. Patients are considered in their entirety: their physical, psychological and social well-being, as well as their feelings, knowledge and experience of the disease, are taken into account. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases are provided according to appropriateness, timeliness, effectiveness, and the systematic and continuous nature of the disease, as required by the patient’s state of health. The patient is also kept adequately informed. In addition, GHC facilities are constantly committed to improving the physical accessibility, liveability, cleanliness and comfort of hospital rooms.
  • Training and scientific research
    In GHC structures, staff receive continuous training and development. In addition, intensive research is carried out in collaboration with Italian and foreign research institutions and universities, in particular oriented towards highly complex specialties such as cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedic traumatology, vertebral surgery, reconstructive surgery of the upper limbs, urology, internal medicine, diabetology and diabetic foot, including the treatment of psychiatric and eating disorders. Moreover, in GHC structures, key therapeutic protocols are defined for the management of infected patients and for the control of hospital infections.
  • Healthcare modernization
    GHC constantly supports the modernization of its institutions by investing heavily in restructuring projects, and by expanding and creating new departments, in order to render its health facilities more effective and efficient, and also to improve the quality of patient care and hospitality.