Centers of Excellence


The Centre is accredited by the N.H.S. for cardiology, general surgery, gastroenterology, neurology, ophthalmology, odontostomatology, orthopaedics, pulmonology, radiology and diagnostic imaging.

Our headquarter Via del Commercio, 69/4 30025 Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE)

Phone +39 0421 244016



Entrepreneurs Vincenzo Martino and Piera Bianco meet the needs of the Eastern Veneto and Basso Friuli resident population. 

In 1993, business activities began with five specialist outpatient departments (gynaecology, surgery, ultrasound, diagnostics, cosmetic medicine) and a small, fully-equipped operating room.

Over the years, thanks also to the acquisition of technology, especially in the field of ophthalmology, the clinic established itself as a point of reference for private healthcare in Eastern Veneto. In 1996, thanks to the quality of services provided, collaboration began with the Local Healthcare Unit N° 10 (A.U.L.S.S. N° 10) in the field of ophthalmology for cataract surgery in day surgery. An example of private-public collaboration: in 1998, a one-of-a-kind, mixed private-public limited partnership with a private majority was established with A.U.L.S.S. N° 10. The distinctive features of the public sector (high-quality medical specialists) combined with those of the private sector (organization, financial means available quickly and within a set timeframe, and state-of-art equipment that the private sector must have to ensure competitiveness in the interest of the facility and its users). Since 2011, the company is entirely privately owned



Eastern Veneto has several public and private healthcare facilities. The San Biagio Medical Centre commenced its activities in 1993. Despite the availability of high-quality public hospitals, the Medical Centre’s popularity steadily increased over time, in direct correlation with the type of services and treatment provided.

Its activities are perfectly integrated within those of public health facilities with which the Centre collaborates closely. Users are primarily people who need care and assistance. They are also "customers" who require high-quality services and the certitude of short waiting times, efficiency and courtesy. In 2012, the Centre obtained institutional accreditation for radiology, ophthalmology, cardiology, general surgery and neurology. Also, in order to guarantee continuous improvement as an ISO 900:2008 certified company, the Centre continuously invests in new equipment such as the innovative total body, high-field open MRI, and the new excimer and femtosecond laser, unique diagnostic tools in the Triveneto area. In 2012, a new centre for dentistry was opened with 14 operating rooms providing quality services at affordable and reasonable prices to avoid travel of patients abroad for dental treatment.

Currently, the services of the San Biagio Medical Centre include, in particular, specialist diagnostic radiology and imaging (MRI, CT Scan, Traditional X-Ray, orthopantomography, mammography, bone densitometry scan, general ultrasound of the upper limbs and thoracic aorta), echocardiography, outpatient eye surgery, lower limb varicose veins and sports medicine.