Friday, February 9, 2024

An important new area of ​​the Terme di Arta was inaugurated today, owned by the Municipality and managed by Terme FVG, a company controlled by Sanatorio Triestino di GHC. An investment of over 7 million euros by the institutions which further strengthens the collaboration between public and private sectors also accredited in the wellness sector.

The new covered pavilion includes a 20-metre central play pool, with two wings dedicated to the beach for the little ones and the 'vortex' for kids, as well as a 40-metre slide. A new outdoor swimming pool with hydromassage has also been created, in which to relax in front of the panorama of the Carnia mountains, surrounded by greenery. The intervention, as a whole, involved the creation of the inhalation department from scratch with the installation of new cutting-edge equipment.

“The management of the Arta thermal establishment by the Triestino Sanatorium represents an example of effective public-private collaboration in which the Garofalo Health Care group, of which the Sanatorium is part, firmly believes. – commented the CEO Maria Laura Garofalo – This is why today we are particularly proud to share this ambitious project with local institutions. A courageous investment by the Municipality, supported in this direction by the Region, which we are committed to honoring through particular attention to users, in the name of health and well-being."

Present at the inauguration, among the institutional authorities, were the regional councilor for productive activities and tourism, Sergio Bini, the Mayor of Arta Terme, Andrea Faccin, the sole administrator of Terme FVG, Salvatore Guarneri and the CEO of GHC, Cav. Maria Laura Garofalo.


Terme di Arta


Terme di Arta interno



A new swimming pool area at the Terme di Arta has been inaugurated