Clinica San Francesco

Working with a team of efficient, highly qualified medical specialists, Clinica San Francesco provides a wide range of outpatient services and surgeries, making sure that patients’ expectations are always fully met. Recognised as one of the most technologically advanced healthcare centres in Europe, the Clinica San Francesco in Verona is the best choice for patients seeking specialist care, effective solutions and comprehensive assistance for each operation.

Via Monte Ortigara, 21/B
045 900 90 90

The Clinic

State of the art diagnostics and surgery in Verona

The Clinica San Francesco is an accredited private facility with the Italian National Health Service (SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale), specialized in orthopaedic and traumatology and seat of  CORE – Centro di Ortopedia Robotico Europeo (European Centre for Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery).

It has got two seats in the town of Verona and can offer its patients a wide range of outpatient services, as specialized visits, aimed diagnostic tests and surgical operations carried out with the most modern and innovative procedures.

Patient-oriented services and health culture

The Clinica San Francesco provides many diagnostic services, also instrumental, under the system of ordinary or outpatient admission. The Clinic physicians and staff work everyday to reach even higher levels of efficiency and excellence, without ever ignoring the psychological and social needs of patients.

The Clinic success is based on the medical formative activity and a continuous update. Here highly qualified specialized physicians and surgeons collaborate with each other.

The organization

The Clinic is structured in two seats:

Via Monte Ortigara, 21/B Verona, Italy

The via Monte Ortigara’s seat provides specialized outpatient, diagnostic, rehabilitation, orthopaedic and general surgery. The facility can count on 72 beds for admission and care in ordinary admission or day surgery.

Corso Venezia, 123 Verona, Italy

The Diagnostic Centre, located in Corso Venezia, offers physiotherapeutical treatments, specialized visits and diagnostic services. The facility has physiotherapy private service too, equipped with a completely fitted out rehabilitation gym